Worth It

No, this ain’t a fangirl post about Fifth Harmony. Nupurooni. This post is actually quite…anomalous. Uncommon. Strange. Possibly in a people-are-staring-at-me-like-I’m-so-weird way. But then again, what on earth am I saying – my blog is pretty much traditionalistic! But what exactly am I trying to point out here? Are material things worth it? Well, I’ll admit I … More Worth It

Daughter of God

There I was on a cold winter’s night, slumped in my chair in front of my laptop screen, surfing the waves of the big wide ocean that is the internet, when all of a sudden a phrase struck me. ‘Daughter of God.’ “YES YES I FINALLY FOUND A TOPIC TO BLOG ABOUT.” #ohyeah ♪ All … More Daughter of God

Christ is Risen!

Okay. Allow me to present you with the highlights of this Holy Week. 1. After all that studying and anxiously going in and out of exam rooms and wanting to get it all over with but having an oh-so slight feeling of foreboding, I shall happily say…EXAM BLOCK IS OVER. Ba-bam. I feel so free. … More Christ is Risen!

Not Another Love Song

  Blogging assignment #2: Connecting Romeo & Juliet to the present day…with a modern pop song! People nowadays seem to be following, or at least singing about, the type of ‘love’ shown in Romeo and Juliet rather than learning from their mistakes. It may sound a little far-fetched to say something like, “If you disobey … More Not Another Love Song