A Cappella In Harmony

Around the end of last year after listening to Pentatonix, I started to gain an appreciation for a cappella music and harmonising. It’s astonishing how well a few voices can blend together to create such a beautiful and stunning sound that activates all those goosebumps. It makes you feel at peace and appreciate God’s gift … More A Cappella In Harmony

Not Another Love Song

  Blogging assignment #2: Connecting Romeo & Juliet to the present day…with a modern pop song! People nowadays seem to be following, or at least singing about, the type of ‘love’ shown in Romeo and Juliet rather than learning from their mistakes. It may sound a little far-fetched to say something like, “If you disobey … More Not Another Love Song

Period Dramas

Sit back, relax, and have some tea and crumpets. This post is quite long. You may (or may not) have read my “About” page where I stated that I’m a fan of period dramas. I mean, can’t a girl run away from all the bad Hollywood stuff and ride her Delorean back to the 1800s … More Period Dramas


Gosh…this is the 4th blog post in my very first week of blogging. Maybe I’ll slow down a bit… I’m sure all of you have gone through those days when you sit in class and you pretty much remember only one word come out of the teacher’s mouth, or when you continuously read a chapter of your science … More IQuinas

Guitar Tabs

  I have been posting tabs (chords) on UltimateGuitar.com since August 2014. I found out about the website when I was searching for the guitar chords of some songs and when I couldn’t find any I thought, “Why don’t I just come up with the chords myself, post it, and do all the other guitarists … More Guitar Tabs

Blog Post No. 1!

Wow, this is my first blog post…so here goes! Welcome to my blog Thoughts in Harmony! This is just an introductory post, but if you’d like to know more about me click “About” on the menu bar. In my blog I’ll be posting about anything I want to write about – from movie/book reviews and … More Blog Post No. 1!