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No, this ain’t a fangirl post about Fifth Harmony. Nupurooni.

This post is actually quite…anomalous. Uncommon. Strange. Possibly in a people-are-staring-at-me-like-I’m-so-weird way. But then again, what on earth am I saying – my blog is pretty much traditionalistic! But what exactly am I trying to point out here?

Are material things worth it?

Well, I’ll admit I don’t mind having a bit of fun with certain material things. I found myself looking up some Zoella/beauty stuff lately and being a wiiiiiittttlllleee interested. Getting a bit hooked in computers and iPods and binge-watching The Flash. And shopping…aw man…I walked into an H&M store for the first time last night; my eyes lit up seeing all those sale signs and pleasing price tags; and you know what happens next. #nothealthybutmyclosetishappy

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Having a bit of fun doesn’t hurt, but allowing yourself to enter the dark end of it is bad. Super bad. People fail to realise that all these little material things they obsess over will one day be gone. As if vamooshing into the ashes. And then there’s this “YOLO”/”Life is short” saying. Yes, even God said in John 10:10, “I came so that everyone would have life, and have it in its fullest.” Now I don’t think God was telling us to throw our money and time around or ‘party all night till we’re drunk’ in order to “live to the full.”

We weren’t simply dropped into the earth and we certainly didn’t end up where we are with no explanation. God created us and He breathed life into us. He gave us this life we are living. But He also gave us freedom. Free will. Which means people have the ability to do whatever they want. Live their lives the way they want. Find satisfaction in articles of the world, from cosmetics and clothes to the last slice of chocolate cake in the fridge. They feel like that exact life they have makes them happy, as long as they find ways to make it a good life. We try so hard to ensure we have something to be excited and happy about, when really the satisfied feeling is short-lived. It never lasts. And besides, you easily outgrow and get sick of that new Rimmel lipstick you just bought in the prettiest of pink shades, or that Netflix show you were addicted to but you’d have to wait ages for the next season, or those killer black heels you grabbed at H&M for a shockingly low price of $10. Soon enough your eyes light up at something else, like those creepy cartoons with heart-shaped eyes.

Image result for cartoon heart-shaped eyes
Source: thoughtcatalog.com

Goodness me, they ain’t gonna solve ya problems kid.

Yet there’s always a hollow feeling inside of us, like there’s just something missing, despite how hard we try to ignore the fact. Just listen to Tori Kelly’s Hollow – despite our attempts at finding pieces of satisfaction, we are still empty and hollow and those holes can only be filled by God; nothing and no one else can.


Prayer and faith are powerful things. They take me to places I thought was impossible to reach. They bring me peace and love. Imagine the feeling of God wrapping you in His arms. As much as I love having some fun in life, which is not always a bad thing, all those “fun” things don’t package a life-long happiness deal for me or a 2-for-1 special on pleasure. God, however, offers me this humongous plate of His love and care – an exclusive item that cannot be found anywhere else. The Lord presents to us something so beautiful that most people shrug off, because they are too blinded by worldly things. The key thing to do is drop everything and let God in – sometimes we realise that feeling hollow is too tiresome. We have to give up ourselves and all our possessions in order to gain something so much better – eternal life in Heaven.

In the end when we die and face God, every piece of clothing we ever bought and every movie we geeked about and every single little thing we tried to find contentment in is worth nothing. Absolutely zero cents. Everything of the world will one day vanish. And instead of trying so ridiculously hard just to see everything fall to pieces, make full use of the precious life God has given us. Don’t waste it away by finding joy in places and people other than God Himself.

So, are material things worth it? Never in forever. But God is.



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  1. Little Things of Grace says:

    You have addressed a very important problem of today so well!!! I always need to be reminded of the real importance of life, to love and serve the Lord; it is so much more important than chasing earthly things, which in the end fail to make us happy.
    Thankyou for sharing your thoughts, which always seem to harmonise to perfection 🙂


    1. Aww thank you so much – this made me smile! I’m really glad you liked it and that it serves as a reminder to you. And that is exactly right – the only person who can make us truly happy is God! Thank you again Christina! Love and blessings xx

      Liked by 1 person

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