I’m sure you all have heard at least one person say to you, “Time flies so fast!” And you gracefully nod and agree and sigh and go on and on about how busy your life is.

Now I’m not judging. Because it’s true, and I don’t blame you. I have quite a busy and eventful life too. My winter holidays are currently being spent on working hard rehearsing for a musical but hey! At least I’m having fun and not sitting around at home feeling cold and bored!

The truth is, the clock is always ticking. Time always passes. Sometimes, you don’t even notice it. Ever since the world was made, the Earth never stopped moving. Time kept flying by as new days and new months and new years crept in. Now I don’t wanna talk about the end of the world right now so let’s just live in the moment, shall we?

So, what I’m trying to say is…time is precious. Time is a treasure. Time is a gift from God Himself. He gave us time. So much can be done with time, and yet so much can be lost. Which is why we can’t just waste it away like scraps, but rather make use of it. I ain’t gonna lie, I can be quite the procrastinator myself, but I know that it’s not something to be proud of. I can easily think of moments where I beat myself up with should’ve-s and could’ve-s and what if-s. Dang it, I should’ve washed the dishes earlier! I should’ve gone back to playing the piano sooner! etc. Seriously though, that kind of thinking is not healthy.


Let’s just think of a typical school day. If I’m feeling energised and motivated to get things done, I can ‘seize the day’ and start working on my assignments and before I know it, by the end of the day as I go to bed I will smile and be proud of the fact that I was productive and that I was able to get a lot of things done. What if I’m feeling lazy, like I’m a blob of jelly that’s just way too tired to get out of bed? Or maybe surfing the net instead of doing school? (this is possible for homeschoolers)

I really hate the feeling of putting things off, because I’ve wasted so much time procrastinating and I find myself worrying about getting that particular task done. This has happened to me many times, especially in regards to math. It definitely isn’t some sort of Sally Sunshine feeling.

So much time is wasted, because many people overlook the power of time. Yes, time flies fast. That statement cannot be truer. But many times, it flies by without realisation. Last Christmas to me felt like a couple of months ago. Many times have people said, “Was it really that long ago?” It’s scary how swiftly time flies. And yet it’s scary how much time can be lost.

God did not hand each of us the gift of time so that it could be squandered and misused. He gave it to us for our own benefit. And therefore we must hold it with both hands, so to speak, and use it correctly. Use it for His glory.


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  1. littlethingsofgrace says:

    Oh wow! You have nailed something here 🙂
    Great post, Nicole! xoxo


    1. Thanks Christina xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Mary Y. says:

    Very true! Another great post, Thoughts In Harmony!

    Liked by 1 person

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