Daughter of God


There I was on a cold winter’s night, slumped in my chair in front of my laptop screen, surfing the waves of the big wide ocean that is the internet, when all of a sudden a phrase struck me.

‘Daughter of God.’


♪ All my ladies listen up! ♪

What can I link to the phrase, ‘Daughter of God’? What can I connect it with? A lot. It occurred to me just then – there are so many girls out there who try to find purpose and confidence in outward beauty, appearance, personality… They want to look as flawless as Taylor Swift or to have Tori Kelly’s signature hairdo and breathtaking voice. All because they’re not satisfied with the way God made them to be.

Being a daughter of God does not mean lookin’ all pretty and attracting attention. So many girls in this world twist the meaning of being a girl, and stamp on it their own perception and understanding of it. The world now is so confused. Society encourages one another to figure out who they are and not let anyone get in the way.

♪ Nah to the ah to the no no no. ♪

You don’t have to go through life alone. You don’t have to go through the troubles of ‘figuring out who you are’ because, guess what? God already has. Before you were born, He already knew who you are. What your name is. What your personality is. What you will be doing in the future. You don’t have to do the planning because He already has. But what’s happening in our society? People write their own story. And you just gotta admit it…it’s not and never will be as good as God’s.


So, what does it mean to be a daughter of God? Now, I’m not trying to sound all professional-advisor/psychologist-like but just bear with me as I give it a go 🙂 God is our Father, and He made us in His perfect image and likeness. How wonderful it is to be God’s children! So, how do we girls act like daughters of God?

  1. Perfectly understand and be aware of the fact that being a female is super cool (same goes to the guys – know that being a boy was planned by God and that means that it’s a good plan!). Now, there’s already a really good blog post out there about why being a girl is awesome, so I’ll spare you from reading more of my possibly bad writing and just click here: http://lifeteen.com/blog/why-being-a-girl-is-awesome/
  2. I really don’t mind sitting in a chair while someone does my hair and makeup (it’s comfortable!) and putting on a pretty dress but remember, God does not judge us based on outward appearance. And He definitely won’t stop loving us because we think we’re not that beautiful. If you think you’re the ugliest girl in the world, WRONG! ‘Cuz in God’s eyes, you are perfect. Even if you’re only around 5 feet tall and don’t have the most flawless of skin and have frizzy hair (eh-hem me).
  3. A continuation from the above interesting paragraph, outer beauty does not matter as much as inner beauty. Remember the line from last year’s Cinderella movie? “Have courage and be kind.” Be strong. Courageous. Gracious. Loving. Kind. Respectful. Try your hardest to be the bestestestestest version of yourself. But keep in mind that no one is perfect, because we are all human. We sin. Don’t get caught up in trying to be as perfect as the Lord because c’mon…no one is and can ever be. Try to be like Jesus. Don’t try to be Him. And what was Jesus like? Was He an angry, stubborn, mean person? Nope. He was the most kind-hearted and compassionate man to ever walk the earth. And in all things He did, He pleased the Father.
  4. Being a genuinely good person is one of the most difficult things one could do. But being God’s faithful servant is even harder. Just look at and listen to what’s around you – the news, the murmurs down the busy city streets… The world is getting worse. It is so easy to cut the rope that’s connecting you to God. Christians can be persecuted, rejected, discriminated…it disheartens me everyday. But how do we get through this? How do we hang on to God? Well, have faith. ♪ Don’t stop believing. ♪ Love Him with all your heart, mind and soul. Trust in Him. We must continue to be faithful daughters of God, forever walking in the light and on the right path. The path to His eternal reward – Heaven.

♪ And only Your love can fill up my cup ‘cuz I’m hollow… ♪ #ToriKellyHollow #gogirl


Btw, this post may be titled ‘Daughter of God’ but it concerns everybody. Be faithful children of God and He will bless you in abundance. He will be waiting for you with His reward. The greatest gift you could ever want is to hear God say in the end, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”


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  1. littlethingsofgrace says:

    Oh my gosh! Talk about inspiration from God Himself! :O
    This post is one of the amazingest posts you’ve ever written, and that’s saying something.
    Honestly, you’ve just helped me to acknowledge the missing chunk of me that I have been searching for forever.
    Keep writing beautiful things for God! 😉


    1. Oh gosh, thank you for your kind words! I am so glad you found that missing piece and that this post helped you. And God was the one controlling these fingers 😉 Thanks again! Love and blessings xx

      Liked by 1 person

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