For Him We Sing


After (sorta) giving up listening to music for Lent, I have been (sorta) digging those earphones into my poor, tired ears, resulting in the inevitable lip-syncing and headbanging and whatnot. As much as I love listening to mainstream pop artists, because c’mon…I’m fussy about the stuff I listen to anyway and a little rockin’ out isn’t too bad (and no I haven’t been blasting my ears off listening to Please Don’t Go by Joel Adams and repeating the beautiful hums), listening to some wholesome Christian music can really lift your spirits and inspire you.


Ironically, despite being raised in a devout Catholic family Christian music was never really played in the house. However, early this year I discovered Christian pop artist Francesca Battistelli and her amazing inspirational music. This led me to discovering other CCM (Christian Contemporary Music) artists.

I have heard about CCM, but I never knew there were so many Christian artists out there. Artists who are not afraid to speak about their faith to the public through their songs, which is something I try to look for in mainstream pop artists but fail. There are a few mainstream artists out there though such as Carrie Underwood and Tori Kelly who openly profess themselves as Christians, and even release some songs about God – for example, Carrie Underwood’s Jesus Take the Wheel and Tori Kelly’s Hollow.  But for other artists, I noticed that eventually I find out about this one particular thing the artist did/believes in that I’m not proud of. Then I discover these CCM artists, and almost all of what they believe in is what I believe in. We have one thing in common – God. Our faith and love for God. They’re not afraid to preach the Gospel through their music. They’re not afraid of being persecuted for their beliefs in the secular place of Hollywood. They’re not afraid to stand up for the King. And Christian artists aren’t the only ones in the world who get bashed for their faith – many other people go through more painful consequences than negative comments. “Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 5:10)

Francesca Battistelli

Francesca has rich and strong vocals which really shine through her songs. Her music includes a mixture of powerful ballads such as ‘Beautiful Beautiful’ and ‘If We’re Honest’, and fun pop songs such as ‘Write Your Story’ and ‘This is the Stuff’. Her empowering lyrics and catchy melodies make her one of the most popular Christian pop artists.

My faves: Write Your Story, Beautiful Beautiful, If We’re Honest, This is the Stuff

Moriah Peters

Moriah’s beautiful and smoky voice perfectly complements her style of music – fun, edgy and super catchy. She experiments very well with different pop styles – ‘Brave’ has that power pop-rock sound, and ‘I’ll Wait For You’ is soft and simple but oh-so beautiful and sweet. I would definitely recommend listening to Moriah, especially if you want to listen to a Christian artist with nearly the same sound as mainstream artists and appeals to teen audiences.

My faves: Brave, I’ll Wait For You, Don’t Want to Live For Me, Stand Strong


This brother-duo is like, the best CCM band out there – not that I know a lot of CCM bands, but you get the point! Joel and Luke deliver raw, edgy vocals that piece together with their fun, pop-rock music so perfectly. They can make inspirational and faithful lyrics sound so good with their upbeat, get-you-on-your-feet-dancing melodies. for KING & COUNTRY’s Grammy-winning album, Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong. is definitely worth listening to (and their other songs too)!

My faves: Run Wild, Fix My Eyes, Priceless, Shoulders, Proof of Your Love


This new 19-year-old CCM artist has vocals that can blow you away! Her debut EP, Hollyn, has a mixture of power-pop, R&B and acoustic guitar songs and they all sound so. good. She can sing so powerfully, she can rap, and she does it all to express her love for the Lord.

My faves: The whole EP!

You’d be surprised when find you out that there are so many CCM artists out there. I’m still slowly discovering more artists – feel free to comment below on your favourite Christian singers/bands! 🙂

Once you pop those headphones on listening to the music of these artists, and you sit back and close your eyes, you feel at peace. You can feel inspiration pour out through those headphones/speakers. And there’s always at least one song that personally speaks to you – a song that resonates with you and what you’re going through. You hear this beautiful sound sing a beautiful message that inspires you and connects with you. You can feel God’s love in so many ways.

Don’t be afraid to speak for the One on high. Stand strong and raise your voices, and He will bless you in abundance.


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  1. Mercy Me, Josh Wilson, Meredith Andrews, Christy Nockles, Paul Baloche,Casting Crowns, Tenth Avenue North…. 😉


    1. Thank you! I’ll have a look 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Christina says:

    I should definitely look into CCM. This has really inspired me, thankyou so much for a beautiful post!


    1. Thank you Christina, glad it inspired you! I think you’d like Moriah Peters – I’ll show you some of her music when I see you 🙂


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