A Cappella In Harmony


Around the end of last year after listening to Pentatonix, I started to gain an appreciation for a cappella music and harmonising. It’s astonishing how well a few voices can blend together to create such a beautiful and stunning sound that activates all those goosebumps. It makes you feel at peace and appreciate God’s gift of music even more. I have been in a choir for nearly four years now, and that’s where a lot of harmonising happens, but it just sounds so much better when unaccompanied. It’s ahhh-mazing.

I know we all like to bob our heads to the beat of the music till we feel like our brains are wobbling around our skull when listening to a song, tewtewtew-ing as we try (and fail) to sing the electric guitar riffs, and air-drumming like animals (no Muppet-pun intended). But once in a while we should sit back, close our eyes, and play some a cappella music.

I’m sure you all have heard of Pentatonix, the most popular a cappella group in the world right now. I like their pop covers and original songs, but their Christmas songs especially can give you goosebumps. I bought their That’s Christmas to Me CD last year as Christmas neared ever so closely and quickly and cranked it up in the car so I could enjoy it 10 times as much and belt it out silently to make me believe I can actually sing and harmonise like that. Especially Mary, Did You Know?. *cries*

Carol of the Bells, O Come Emmanuel and many other songs will also possibly get you flying out of your seat. Sounds unrealistic but something like that could happen.

To be honest I pretty much only know two a cappella groups, the other one being The Idea of North, an Australian a cappella jazz quartet. Not kidding y’all when I say that I had the honour of not only watching them live but performing with them with my choir. I had no idea before the concert that the acoustics in churches are really, really good because The Idea of North sounded so amazing as I watched and creepily stared and jaw-dropped in awe. One of the things you have to do in life is watch an a cappella group live. Annnd I’m pretty much still waiting for Pentatonix to come to Australia.

Exam time is soon so while you’re on the other side of the screen wondering what I’ll write about next I’ll be here stressing! New posts will come your way when I find the time to breathe and chill 🙂 See ya!


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  1. Brilliant – love both groups and singing a capella. Read my post on harmony singing: https://sevennotesofgrace.com/2013/08/03/the-wonderful-mystery-of-harmony-singing/


    1. Thank you, and great post! 🙂


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