Gosh…this is the 4th blog post in my very first week of blogging. Maybe I’ll slow down a bit…

I’m sure all of you have gone through those days when you sit in class and you pretty much remember only one word come out of the teacher’s mouth, or when you continuously read a chapter of your science book and the only thing you got out of it is “Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon” (because it is a universally-known fact and you obviously already know it). Why? We all daydream and get distracted. “So, what did you learn in Algebra?” “Somethin’ about learning the alphabet again.” I don’t think that’s helping our grades.

Not to mention the hundreds of terms you need to remember the definitions of. Sometimes you could just feel like your brain is about to explode – not because it’s filled with information, but because we’re trying to cram too much in. Buuut…there are many methods of making learning and remembering so much easier: mnemonics, give-me-a-beat-and-I’ll-make-a-rap-about-photosynthesis, or IQuinas.

IQuinas is an iPad app which uses an automated memorisation system that allows students of any age to study and memorise content from flashcards (which can be made by the student or teacher) and then generate the drills for each respective subject to prepare for exams, tests, etc. Basically once you’ve learnt a subject, IQuinas helps you remember the content, and thus enabling you to excel in it!

(Ooops, it looks like this post is fast turning out to be a shameless plug…)

Now I’m not gonna be biased just ‘cuz my family and I developed IQuinas, but it really, truly, honestly helps me immensely with remembering stuff that I must remember. I can even still remember what I learnt in my History chapters from early last year as a result of doing the drills over and over again. Repetition is the best way to remember stuff.

Here are some links:

It can help you as much as it has helped me and my siblings. Soon you’ll find your grades soaring higher than ever.

All the best! 🙂


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